Yamaha RX-A1060 5 Star’s from What Hi-Fi

Yamaha RX-A1060 5 Star’s from What Hi-Fi
“Yamaha has nailed it with the RX-A1060, a mid-range amp in the premium Aventage range.” – What Hi-Fi
Yamaha have received another rave review. This time it’s their mid-range theater receiver, the RX-A1060 in the limelight.
We really like this amplifier in the store because it’s a great balance of a grunty amp with just about every feature under the sun, and very simple and straightforward to use. Here’s some of what What Hi-Fi has to say (You can read the full review here: RX-A1060 Review):
“It‚Äôs an exciting performance full of attack and drive, with effects pinged effortlessly ‚Äì yet precisely ‚Äì around you.”
“This means it‚Äôs capable of doing the quiet parts of a soundtrack just as good as it does the loud exciting bits, which for a powerful amp like this, isn‚Äôt always the case.”

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