Yamaha’s Latest Firmware Update

Yamaha’s Latest Firmware Update
Update your Yamaha product to unlock added features
Yamaha now connects you in more ways that ever before. New streaming services and voice control enhancements are now part of the latest lineup of MusicCast speakers and devices through free firmware updates. The advantage of being a large company with a focus on software is that their updates are free. Please note that the brochures for Yamaha products which can receive the latest update have not been updated.
eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)
Unlock the full potential of your 4K content. Enhanced
Audio Return Channel (also known as eARC) is the next
generation of ARC – available in the industry-leading AV
receivers from Yamaha.
eARC delivers full-resolution, multi-channel audio formats
such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD through your existing
HDMI connection, giving you the most realistic surround
sound experience for immersing yourself in your favourite
movies and moments.
Airplay 2
“Hey Siri, play music in the kitchen and living room.”
AirPlay2 adds the ability to stream Apple Music and
other streaming services to multiple MusicCast devices
throughout your home. Easily control it from your iPhone
or iPad, link it with a HomePod, or simply ask Siri for an
HDCP 2.3 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)
Protecting copyrighted material is a big deal. That’s why
HDCP came along. It’s a security feature that encrypts
digital synals from one product to another. Think of it as a
digital handshake that creates a secure connection between
a source and display. HDCP requires compatibility between
products in order to ensure that the digital content being
communicated is protected. If there’s no compatibility, there
could be no signal.
Yamaha have a strong focus on both quality and performance. In fact over two generations of their AV receivers plus their latest sound bars, were designed to be compatible and updateable to the latest HDCP encryption technology. The products listed below, plus many more, received a firmware update to HDCP 2.3.
To read more about HDCP and how to future-proof your AV gear, click here – Yamaha HDCP 2.3
Some of the products receiving new features through firmware update or app update are as follows:
Yamaha CX-A5200
Yamaha RX-A3080
Yamaha RX-A2080
Yamaha RX-A1080
Yamaha RX-A880
Yamaha RX-A780
To see if your older model Yamaha is among these products, click here – Yamaha Update

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