Yamaha’s Long Awaited A-S3200 Is In Store Now

Yamaha’s Long Awaited A-S3200 Is In Store Now
Unparalleled Musical Expression
Yamaha’s new A-S3200 is the company’s latest ‘super integrated’ amp. It’s the top of a new range that also includes the A-S1200 and A-S2200. The A-S3200 pays homage to Yamaha‚Äôs unparalleled musical history while embodying the latest in hi-fi innovation. An expressive, dynamic, instrument that effortlessly delivers music with all its emotion.
The A-S3200 has a luxury look and feel befitting a high-end design. The standard of finish is high, and the switchgear has a satisfyingly smooth feel with nice, old-style centre detents on the tone controls. The brushed aluminium fascia is as swish as you can get at this price, finishing off this chunky (24.7kg) and large (435x180x464mm) product a treat
We currently have this stunning integrated amplifier set up in our Christchurch store, and have had the utmost fun since its arrival. So if you’re interested in experiencing Yamaha’s latest flagship integrated amplifier, pop in today!
See below for our unboxing photographs
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